And the struggle goes on and on

Yes, finally some time to catch up on my blogs, my world and everything not work. As far as Midnight Crimson is, this means writing an epilogue. It will help tie up loose ends and give a closer to the book.

So where is this to take place?

Thinking the village. I can have the scene set up so my characters who are left and those who are gone can be discussed. This will give the reader a better understanding of how and what happened in years to come.

It also allows me to let readers skip it if they want to as some people prefer not to read forwards and epilogues.

So that is it. I know it’s short but time is wasting away in a swirl of screen watching with dry eyes and nothing to remember but the dull lag in my life. So time to start doing something worth while instead of Facebook dreaming!



Two more scenes to add

After thinking it over and wanting Sarah, the main character, to have more depth, I’m adding two scenes to the beginning. These will be added in like a Foreword section with a ** or something to separate the two… maybe dates. This will help to spread of few things out as well and not have it be so text-book sounding in a few spots.

Sarah has to be seen as a female who can’t seem to fit in and has a hard time with other people not being scared of her. Her moving to Dusk is more than to reconnect with her friend; it’s a chance to fit in. Not that it really happens or her life doesn’t end up a mess again. But…. that is the story and without going into her character more, I don’t think anyone will root for her in this story. Let’s hope it all works out.

And this also allows me as an author to show you a few background things about her which currently had not made the book. YEAH! BACKGROUND JUNK!!! Never enough details about their lives.


Whirlpool Series

Midnight Crimson is part of a four book series called the Whirlpool series. Midnight Crimson is the first novel in it and begins with the first unlikely hero, Kamian. Kamian is far from a hero in this first novel which features Sarah as the main character but he will return to find out he is much more than a vampire in the fourth one.

How does this happen? I have no idea right now. I am only beginning to set up the bare outline of the four books. Midnight Crimson was never set up to have more than a loose reason of why you end up on Siren, the next novel’s working title. I have to figure out if there will be more of a tie-in to the series or I can leave it the way it is before I continue on with the draft process.

These books will be available through Amazon as e-books and I am going to try to have one out every year to year and a half.



Yep DNA. I have a few things to sort out over the dna of vampires, how they turn people and what affects it may or may not have on DNA.

Did you know DNA can and does change over our lives?

I didn’t either. I’m surprised as you. Here I thought our DNA was set in stone. It appears from the medical sites I browsed that is not the case. Though what and how DNA changes seems to be a mystery at the current moment.

This leads to some very interesting ideas I can add to the book for detail. I like having facts as this makes it sound more real. I used myths or things people have heard about Vampires to give it that real feel but facts set it apart. If I put in it DNA proteins could be influenced by outside factors and I state how or why and you look it up to find yes indeed it can. Much more an impact then you think I’m making it all up as I go.

Remember when you were a kid lying to your parents. The best lie was the one that had part truth to it. Fiction is like that. The more mixed the lie; the easier it is to believe.

So I’m hoping you love the lie and buy the book when it comes out! Horrible as that sounds. I’ll do my best to add as much fact in fictional ways as I can.


New draft …

As a writer, novels are an endless amount of rewrites and drafts. There is a plot which excites the writer and propels them into a frenzy of words and characters. After those moments fade, there is the long process of fine tuning the story and getting the sentences to sing if the writer can.

Right now, Midnight Crimson is in this stage.

Today the characters get some well needed details in the clothing and weapon departments. I tend to add these toward the end of a novel’s long journey. Weapons are rather easy to find online and in books but I’m finding my search for the clothes more of a challenge. I want to be able to add in clothing styles and part descriptions in the writing. This isn’t to sound big and bloated but to give the reader a chance to look up and see a picture of it. In the age of Google, everything has a picture.

Granted no one wants to spend time outside the book looking things up so a great description of the characters attire is important. Still what if it’s a great description but you still aren’t sure? Don’t have the right word and you might be looking up the wrong clothing. I don’t want the reader to spend one second guessing or finding a clown suit for the main character instead of the actual items.

So what is the clothing being used?

It depends on the character. It’s a sci-fi and this leads to many people wearing many different outfits. Of course certain races are more apt to wear a fad over singular expressive style or if they want to blend into each other, they are more apt to have similar tastes. One race, Lacdrins, are all about color. Bright, bold and in your face 1980s color.

Clothes are the outer ideas of what characters are like, who they are and what they are as a race. Like it or not, fashion is expression of our inner self. In writing, this helps the reader, in my opinion, get another level of how or who the character is.

Wonder what bright, bold and in your face color could mean? What are your thoughts on it?


Welcome to my other blog

Yes I have this blog and my other one Terra Ann Spencer

So why have two blog?

Well, my other one is about being a writer and the ups, downs and mishaps of being one.  This site is for my novel.  It is an upcoming one due out this spring if all goes well.  I want to keep everyone up to date on the stuff happening with it and keep it in one spot.

This way, if you’re only interested in the novel, you can skip the updates on my other blog.

First wonderful update!

Other than the blog got done today, I worked on chapter 26 with some good progress.  There are two characters in it who are saying goodbye.  I wanted it to be a more tear and wailing event for the characters but now I have to go back giving them more reason why they are so upset.  The closeness they share is felt I believe at this point in the book by the reader but I’m not sure it would be believable to have them crying like babies over it.  Maybe.

Next work on the book is the cover art.  Yep, I have to redo it again.  I decided as a writer to do my books as a series.  A loose series.  Same galaxies but different planets with different characters in about the same time frame.  I might decide to do a book with a reason why they come together or leave it as separate lives in the same places.  Kinda like Captain America, Iron Man and Thor are all separate movies but come together in Avengers making all their movies a very loose series.  They could have done it that way but chose to sell and market the movies on their own.  I think it would have been cooler to see Avengers first and do the prequels as part of that series.

Working on my space travel ideas for the book.  I already have this done but went back over some science and latest light theories to see where my ideas stand.  Granted they are not main stream but I do believe they could be possible.  Only time will tell on that.

I think this covers it.  I will probably update this blog once to twice a week.  Want more information on what is going on with me as an author head over to the other blog and check it out.  Terra Ann Spencer